Human Resources

There is a similarity between companies and professional football-clubs: a part of them takes great care to offer good carreers to their employees. Yet another part prefers hire and fire and the remaining rest prefers a well balanced mixture of both principles. The problem is: there are simply not enough well educated employees you can find in your country.


The ones with the best employees are the most successful ones - that's a simple rule. The ones who are well educated, active and committed. If you don't get them in the desired quantity from the market, you have to build up your team - and take care that competitive companies do not poach them. Because unfortunately it is not as in football where you get high transfer fees.


The keys are: contentment, flat hierachies - and thus a quick enforceability for good ideas - and last but not least: good wages. Why should someone, who has all that, think about quitting their job?


We offer the full range of multi-themes surveys that cover work environment, work processes, internal communication, health and work-life-balance. Of course we also offer surveys that cover parts or one of the themes. By choosing our elaborated, standardised questionaire benchmark comparisons are possible - partly also comparisons to your own human resources surveys from the past. It is also possible to use your own questionaires that we usually revise to meet the state of the art. The latter is especially useful to enable time series analyses.


In the result reports that we provide we show you all the potentials for improvement so you can initiate the necessary steps immediately.