Trend Analyses

Trend Analyses allow for a view into the future. According to that the exacting demands on the expertise of the ones who dare them are very high. It is the supreme disciplin of market research. We have been dealing with the subject for 25 years meanwhile - and we know what we are talking about. Be it for your strategic planning, matters of location, product- and service-policy etc., we stand by you with our robust future trends.


The time horizon that we cover reaches 15 years into the future. We deliver scenarios in the form of market lethargy (worst case) and structural change (best case). Inbetween these two extremes the space of probable development is located. And within the space of probable development lies the most probable development. In the trend analyses we delivered so far, the future showed that the actual development never left the space of probable development. Luck. Maybe. But very unlikely after such a long period of time.